The nine top-ranked Test teams are each required to play six bilateral Test series against mutually chosen opponents throughout the Championship cycle. Three of those six series will be played at home and three are to be played while touring. The tournament will not exactly progress in a round-robin format as each side will face only six of the eight teams. Further, each series can have anywhere between two to five tests but the points on offer from each Test series will be the same i.e. 120. The points will be awarded, not for the result of the Test series but the result obtained in each test match.

So if it’s a two-match Test series, a win in the first test will be worth 60 points (50% of 120). If it’s a three-match series, a win will be worth 40 points (1/3rd of 120). In a four-match Test series, a win will be worth 30 points (1/4rth of 120) and so on. In the event of a tie or no result, both teams will gain 30 points or half of the points for a win i.e. 60 in a two-match Test series. In the event of a draw, both teams will obtain 20 points (1/3rd of 60). A team will get no points if it loses the match. The points system is further explained in the table below.

Matches in seriesPoints for a winPoints for a tiePoints for a drawPoints for a loss