BCCI Announces IPL Finals

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Today, the dates & venues for the IPL final were announced. The Rajiv Gandhi Cricket Stadium in Hyderabad will host the Final on May 12 with Chennai hosting the Qualifier 1 on May 7 & Visakhapatnam hosting the Eliminator & Qualifier 2 on May 8 & May 10. This leaves Chennai Super Kings fans very disappointed but playing against Chennai at home will be tough for any team.

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Earlier Chennai was slated to host the Final but due to the problem of three closed stands at stadium, the Final at-last moved to Hyderabad. Also, the Tri-Series between three Women Teams will be played at Jaipur from May 6 to May 10. The decision on a Women IPL look-alike Teams Tr-Series was proposed after last years one-off Women IPL Match last year. More Details will follow soon.

Schedule (IPL Finals):

Qualifier 1 TBC vs TBC , 7 May, Chennai

Eliminator TBC vs TBC, 8 May, Vishakhpatnam

Qualifier 2 TBC vs TBC, 10 May, Vishakhpatnam

Final TBC vs TBC, 12 May, Hyderabad

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